Simpat Named Best Place To Code in Mexico


Press Release:

Simpat Named One of the Best Places to Code in Mexico!

Although we are only in our second year of operations as a nearshore custom software company in Mexico, we are excited to announce that we have been appointed as one of the Best Places to Code in the country!

Simpat came in fifth place in a contest that evaluated numerous high achieving software development companies from all around Mexico.

The Contest

Best Places to Code is an initiative of Software Guru, which is the leading media organization for software developers in Mexico. Software Guru reaches around 80,000 developers per month via their printed magazine, website, events and other modalities.

The Best Places to Code initiative was conceived as a tool for recognizing the effort of organizations that strive to improve work conditions for those in computer programming and information technology.

This is Simpat’s first year to participate, and we are extremely pleased with the results. We are excited to see our outcome next year.

Evaluation process

The evaluation was carried out by means of a questionnaire answered anonymously by the team members of each company, which considered five categories:

  • Economic compensation, which takes into account both the salary and additional benefits, the possibility of acquiring participation (stock options), and the process to review and adjust the compensation.
  • Professional development, which includes aspects such as career plans, training, peer mentoring, and linking to the outside of the organization.
  • Labor culture, which measures aspects such as the work environment, the relationship with superiors, the way in which conflicts are resolved, and social responsibility.
  • Diversity and gender equity, to identify the organizations that provide the best conditions to women and people of non-binary gender.
  • Infrastructure, which considers aspects such as the location of offices, facilities, and availability of work tools.

What’s Next for Us?

This contest is an exciting opportunity for our company to discover ways to both improve the benefits for our existing employees and attract new talent to our organization.

This is just the beginning! Thanks!

Interested in joining our team? Send us your resume here!

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