Simpat Named a 2020 “Best Place to Code” by Software Guru

All of us at Simpat are thrilled to be recognized again by Software Guru as a “Best Place to Code” in Mexico.

Last year – after our second year of operations as a nearshore software development consultancy – Simpat was ranked fifth in Software Guru’s assessment. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded first place among all medium-sized teams evaluated in 2020.

How are “Best Place to Code” Awards Given?

Software Guru’s awards take five areas into consideration:

  • Compensation
  • Professional Development
  • Culture
  • Infrastructure
  • Diversity and Equity

Evaluations were further broken down by company size, including boutique firms (1-10 members), medium-sized teams (11-100 members), and large teams (100+ members). As noted above, Simpat falls into the medium-sized teams category.

Upon applying for evaluation, Simpat was required to send a questionnaire to all team members consisting of 25 questions spanning the five areas listed above. For example, two of the questions in the compensation section asked participants to “Evaluate the salary you receive in this company,” and “Evaluate the economic benefits and incentives additional to the salary to which you are entitled in this company.” 

Although Software Guru’s questionnaire – intended to provide a “bottom-up” evaluation of a program’s quality – could be answered by anyone in a company, participants in the evaluation were required to submit a minimum number of responses from technical personnel in order to truly gauge the coding environment of each entrant.

Simpat’s Evaluation Scores

Out of a possible score of 100 in each area, Simpat received the following ratings:

  • Compensation – 100/100
  • Professional Development – 100/100
  • Culture – 100/100
  • Diversity and Equity – 80/100
  • Infrastructure – 98/100

While we’ll continue to work towards achieving perfect scores in all areas, we’re pleased to have the ongoing investments we’ve made into growing and developing Simpat’s culture recognized.

Just a few of the initiatives we’ve taken since opening our office in Monterrey a few years ago include improving our physical work stations, sponsoring employee social events, and recognizing those on our team who go above and beyond in service of our clients. We truly believe that our success comes down to bringing a team of high performers, equipping them for success, and then getting out of their way.

Here’s what JC Rodriguez, Project Manager and Scrum Master at Simpat, had to say as part of Software Guru’s evaluation process: 

“You can immediately tell leadership at Simpat truly has an eye for talent. Coming to work every day and being surrounded by such amazing people is awesome, fun and really inspiring. No doubt in my mind joining Simpat was the smartest career move I could have made.”

We’re grateful to JC for the kind words, and to all of our talented staff for their continued commitment to Simpat. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do in 2020 and beyond.

For more on joining our rockstar team, view our Careers page or reach out to connect directly.


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