Simpat Tech ranked as the #1 Best Place to Code for 2022

Simpat Tech the Best Place to Code

Simpat Tech ranked as the #1 Best Place to Code for 2022 The Best Place to Code program, run by Software Guru, has finally released its list of companies best evaluated by their own collaborators, making them the companies where many want to work this 2022. This year we are proud to announce that we’ve […]

COTS vs Custom Software Development Comparison

Custom software development

COTS vs Custom Software Development Comparison What is COTS? COTS, short for ‘commercial off-the-shelf software, is any ready-made software or application created to address complex business challenges through a single application. Office product suites like MS Office and accounting software like QuickBooks are great examples of COTS products. What is Custom Software Development? Custom software development […]

5 Off-The-Shelf Software Advantages and Disadvantages


5 Off-The-Shelf Software Advantages and Disadvantages Off-the-shelf software products are generic software solutions that developers release for immediate use for the mass market. Unlike custom software, which is tailor-fit to meet the requirements of a specific user (and can give you a competitive advantage), off-the-shelf software packages simply come with a standardized set of features […]

Top 12 DevOps Best Practices

Devops best practices

DevOps — the combination of development and IT system operations—has become an industry standard, allowing companies to be more nimble and deliver their software, services, and applications faster than ever. Despite its advantages, DevOps must be properly implemented to avoid potential pitfalls. For example, a recent report from Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 team demonstrated the security […]

How to Reduce IT Costs in the Current Environment

Very little can be said with certainty these days, beyond that we appear to be heading into a period of prolonged economic volatility. On March 19th, 2020, Bank of America’s top economist stated that the U.S. economy had entered a recession. Yet, between March 23rd and 27th, the Dow rallied to such a degree that […]

Simpat Named a 2020 “Best Place to Code” by Software Guru

All of us at Simpat are thrilled to be recognized again by Software Guru as a “Best Place to Code” in Mexico. Last year – after our second year of operations as a nearshore software development consultancy – Simpat was ranked fifth in Software Guru’s assessment. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been awarded […]