Nearshore Software Development: High Quality at Lower Cost

This is the second blog article in a series about software development in the United States. Read the first article to learn more about the current landscape of software development.

Simpat Solutions: High Quality for Less Cost

I founded Simpat Solutions because I believe high-quality software does not need to be limited to high-dollar budgets. In the past I’ve worked in both large and small companies, but no matter the size, I’ve consistently seen two issues around software. One, the state of a company’s internal software can make or break the company’s ability to serve their external customers.  I’ve often seen companies struggle to meet the needs of their customers all because their software wasn’t working well for them, regardless of which industry they are in.


I thrive on solving software problems and I love being an entrepreneur, so I challenged myself to find a better way to offer software development. Simpat Solutions’ mission is to empower companies to change the world with transformative software. I want to fix an organization’s software issues so they can spend more time doing what they do best for their customers, but I know companies need realistic, cost-effective options for software. To offer high quality software development at a lower cost, I created Simpat Solutions as a nearshore company. Nearshore companies are the sweet spot of software development: because they are geographically close to the US, they can easily serve US time zones, but because they aren’t based in the US, the overall cost goes down.


As a nearshore company, Simpat Solutions offices are in Monterrey, Mexico, which puts us in the US central time zone and makes it easy for us to integrate into our client’s teams without having to worry about time differences. All of our employees are fluent in English, and we use the latest collaboration technology to communicate.  Because of my software experience, I confidently hire exceptional software engineers and architects who can mentor our consultants to become great engineers. My goal with our team is to treat them like family and to help them learn to fail fast, so we can be as efficient as possible.


Our number one core value is to “communicate fearlessly to build trust” because I know communication and trust are the foundation for solid partnerships. When we start working with a client, it is our goal to become the client’s trusted technical advisor. We explain what we’re doing and why we are making our recommendations so clients understand what they’re receiving from us and the rationale behind our decisions.

I want to work in an environment that is open and transparent, and I train my employees to do the same. Clear communication between the client’s organization and our team ensures we meet the requirements of your software needs. We start building trust with our clients from our first day of working together because we value trust and communication the most.


The Benefits of Working with Simpat Solutions

With our experience, we train our nearshore staff with the same level of quality companies can find in US software development. Because we’re located in Mexico, we can offer our clients  50% to 70% cost savings versus a traditional software consulting company.

If you’re interested in the nearshore model, learn more here ( or just book an appointment to know more about nearshore development.

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