A 10-Minute Guide to DevOps Implementation: Steps, Strategies and Workflows

DevOps Implementation

DevOps promises many benefits, such as improving collaboration between development and operations, reducing IT resource wastage, and speeding up software delivery cycles. It’s unsurprising, then, that a growing number of organizations, both large and small, are DevOps Implementation. Yet, although most resources discuss the benefits of DevOps, define CI/CD, recommend DevOps tools, and share DevOps principles and best practices, […]

7 DevOps Challenges and How To Solve Them

DevOps Issues

As with any worthwhile endeavour, there are several challenges to implementing DevOps, and it is by no means an effortless venture. The first DevOps challenge is changing your existing culture, workflows and roles. Changing established processes to one that is leaner, more agile and more efficient takes time, follow-through and investment. Once you do, there’s […]

7 Benefits and Advantages of Custom Software Development

Benefits and Advantages of Custom Software Development

The idea of buying commercial off-the-shelf software is appealing at first glance. Not only does it reduce your time-to-market, but purchasing an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t require as much time as building a custom app from scratch. It also seems as if your upfront investment will be lower overall to gain the functionality you need. Although, it’s […]