Simpat Tech Ranked in Austin’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies

Simpat Tech Fastest Growing Companies Award

Simpat Tech Ranked in Austin’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Privately-Held Companies for the 2nd Year in a Row Simpat Tech is honored to have been named to the Austin Business Journal’s 2021 Fastest Growing Companies list for the second year in a row, ranking #7 in 2021 out of all privately-held entrants in the greater […]

The #1 Question Every Company That Outsources IT Needs to Ask

As society and industry march deeper into the digital age, many businesses are finding themselves in the precarious position of requiring IT talent, while also lacking the resources to build a full-time, in-house team. The easy solution? Outsourcing these needs en masse to external vendors. Outsourcing IT labor can certainly work – and it’s often […]

How “Homegrown” IT Infrastructure Puts Growing Companies at Risk

IT infrastructure is the core of modern business. With a solid infrastructure in place, companies can quickly scale to meet the needs of their customers, while staying competitive in domestic and international markets. Building out scalable technological systems upon which additional features can later be grafted is a necessary part of maintaining these infrastructures, but […]

8 Signs Your IT Team Has Outgrown Its Resources (And What You Need to Do Next)

Small companies just getting started can quickly get up-to-speed with a few loosely connected solutions and basic data management systems.  However, as an organization develops and grows, its needs come to reflect its changed status. Growing businesses with swelling profits and client bases often need more advanced IT infrastructures that are able to elegantly handle […]

Did Boeing’s Software Development Outsourcing Contribute to its 737 MAX 8 Failures?

The tragic case of consecutive crashes involving Boeing’s ambitious new 737 MAX 8 model airplanes has forced both governments and the public to more deeply assess the current lay of the aeronautics industry. And although many factors have likely contributed to Boeing’s challenges, potentially significant issues with the development of the faulty planes’ internal systems […]

The Unexpected Costs of Developer Turnover: Could Your Project Be at Risk?

Think your company couldn’t possibly have anything in common with Microsoft? Think again, if you’re struggling with developer turnover – either on your own staff or through your outsourced software development provider. Microsoft strives to maintain a diverse and satisfied stock of internal talent, yet competition for securing – and actually keeping – new hires […]