The Major Benefits of Containerization That’ll Shape Your Organization

What is containerization, and why are so many organizations adopting it? As a business grows, its IT infrastructure grows with it. But this can pose new challenges, especially when it comes to making changes, adding new features, or scaling functions. The good news is, containerization is able to solve some of the challenges associated with […]

11 Major Benefits of Devops

DevOps vs. Agile vs. Waterfall Software Development Approaches In the early days of development, the process looked like this: The developers would receive the customer’s requirements The engineering department would come up with designs and plans for the project The developers would get down to work  Testing happened And then, if all went according to […]

DevOps Workflow Process: A Breakdown of the DevOps Working Procedure

Your Guide to the DevOps Workflow Process

Image Source: Pixabay Your Guide to the DevOps Workflow Process You can only improve what you can measure, but you can only measure what you know. That’s why it’s important that you know how to understand DevOps workflow best practices, as well as what they mean for your organization. When you know how the DevOps […]

Ultimate Application Deployment Checklist Template

Your Application Deployment Checklist Template

Image Source: Pixabay Your Application Deployment Checklist Template Modern software is sophisticated, requiring complex infrastructure to run. At the same time, software deployment needs proper staging environments to push new updates, and small DevOps mistakes – such as forgetting to run particular scripts – can unleash new bugs instead of patching them up. But the […]

What Is Software Application Modernization?

Think of software application modernization as leveraging the efficiency of modern applications without compromising the assurance and familiarity of legacy applications. You know that there are benefits to digitizing your brand and providing services through the cloud. But you’ve probably also heard that not every software program that runs successfully in-house can be migrated to […]

Lessons We’ve Learned the Hard Way: What It Takes to Hire Great IT Talent

The right talent is the foundation of a successful company. At Simpat, we’ve found this to be true time and again throughout our time in business. Yet finding great candidates isn’t always easy. In fact, employers cite sourcing tech talent to be among their top challenges, and many are left with more vacancies than they […]

Warning Signs: Why Turnover on Vendor Teams Matters for Your Organization

Working with vendors can be a great way to boost efficiency, but choosing the right ones isn’t always easy. From identifying partners who can offer you the best solutions to choosing those whose workflow aligns with yours, it can be tough to know which vendors are a good fit—and which ones don’t make the cut.   […]

Proving Cloud Value to Justify Spend

In our rapidly-changing world, cloud adoption is becoming a necessity, with companies of all sizes migrating to the cloud. According to GlobeNewswire, the industry is expected to grow by 17.5 percent over the next five years, totaling $832.1 billion by 2025. Despite the need for cloud adoption, many organizations are finding it difficult to justify the costs […]

How Craven + Co Capitalized on COVID Downtime to Build Their Drink Calculator Tool

In mid-2019, Tiffany Craven, CEO and Founder of Craven + Co. – a full-service event production and consulting agency in Austin, TX – approached Simpat Tech to assist in the creation of a new drink calculator tool. However, the Craven + Co. team’s ability to provide the input needed to move the project forward was […]

6 Signs Your Organization Has a DevOps Problem

A comprehensive DevOps process provides organizations with both agility and flexibility. This can be incredibly beneficial when scaling a business, and it can have a big impact on day-to-day operations. What’s more, efficient DevOps practices can boost engagement for your team members and increase collaboration across departments. Yet, despite the crucial role that DevOps play […]