Kubernetes Development Environment: The Complete Guide to Kubernetes for Development

Organizations used to run their applications on physical servers. But not only was that inefficient, as some applications hogged most computing resources and left others scrambling to maintain reliable performance, it was difficult to scale, as allocating dedicated servers to each application was a costly alternative.  That’s where virtual machines (VMs) came in.  A VM […]

Web Portal Development – Complete Guide

Creating a web portal can open up new opportunities for your business in terms of how you share special announcements, deals, and data with stakeholders. If you’ve embarked on software modernization recently, developing one can support your operations after migrating to the cloud.  Take supporting stakeholders, for example. Through a web portal, you can help […]

Shortage of Software Engineers in the USA

Do you remember this? Between May and June 2015, Uber carried out a coup, poaching a startling 40 robotics scientists and researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. Alphabet’s Google is also a beneficiary of CMU computer scientists, though it gets its share of talent far more discreetly than Uber did.  But despite actions like these, more […]