Case Study: Converting Non-Profit Software To The Cloud

The Client

The Texas Conference of Urban Counties (CUC) is a non-profit organization composed of 37 member counties that represent approximately 80% of the population of Texas. CUC offers its members TechShare, a program that gives counties the opportunity to collaborate on technology solutions for the administration of justice. By collaborating, members can reduce research and development cost while building solutions that they can use across county lines.

The Challenges

CUC has a prosecutor case and evidence management system (TechShare.Prosecutor) that had two main issues. One, the system required an on-premise deployment, meaning it had to be installed and maintained on servers in each county. Smaller counties could not take advantage of the system because they did not have the IT infrastructure to support and maintain an on-premise solution. Secondly, law enforcement is experiencing a boom in the adoption of body cameras and in-car videos for evidence. This popular digital evidence requires exponentially larger data storage, which stressed the IT infrastructure and increased cost.

“Simpat played a major role in navigating us to the right cloud solution. Even though the recommended solution required a little more work, the end result accelerated us into a new market share and we doubled the number of counties on the software in 6 months.”

The Solution

Simpat Solutions worked with CUC to understand how counties may use the system. Based on technical requirements, usage, and cost, they implemented the following feature updates:

Cloud conversion: The updated system is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, meaning it is a web app that CUC can configure differently depending on the usage of each county. Now larger counties can deploy the system as an on-premise version while smaller counties can take advantage of the cloud version and access it over the internet.. Because smaller counties don’t have to maintain servers for the application, it is easier for them to adopt the software.

Scalable, cost-effective solution: As a PaaS solution, there are no costly servers to maintain and operate with IT staff. Based on demand, counties also can scale the application dynamically or with a few clicks.
Future vendor options: An abstracted code base prevents CUC from being stuck with one cloud software vendor.

The Results

The new TechShare.Prosecutor provides a seamless experience for law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and defense attorneys. Using Simpat Solutions’ implementation gives the CUC members the following benefits:
Faster software: Software speeds are 50% faster by being in the cloud.
Faster incident and evidence submission: Rural counties who now use the cloud-based version can quickly submit incidents with digital evidence to the cloud without having to drive large distances to drop off evidence DVDs. This reduces the time it takes rural law enforcement agencies to work with urban prosecutors since they can both easily view evidence in the cloud.
More users: To date, nine counties have adopted the cloud-based solution.
No IT maintenance required: The new underlying technology no longer requires IT personnel.
Reduced cost: The project total cost only 25% of the total budgeted cost for the solution.

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